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You will write blog entries (300-350 words) in order to reflect on the week’s reading and generate ideas and questions for class discussions. The blog entries should be less formal than essays, but more structured than private journals. For tips on writing an effective entry see the following link:
The entry should discuss the assigned section of the novel and/or film assigned for the given week. Feel free to focus on a particular pattern, scene, or theme in the assigned reading. Also, feel free to make connections between the novel and the supplementary reading or film assigned for the week (if applicable). Please do not summarize the plot, but focus your entries on particular patterns, themes, or questions. Feel free to be creative but make sure that you use quotations from the text to illustrate your observations. You can also use the other possibilities of the blog form such as importing pictures, links to texts, other sites, or you-tube videos, as long as these are tasteful and relevant. A strong blog entry should be focused, present original or interesting ideas, support claims with evidence from the text (quotations). The purpose of these responses is to provide an audience for each other’s writing and prepare for class discussions.


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