From the biography lecture I heard that Jane Austen truly has become the people’s author. In which there are things known about her life, but most of it is shrouded in mystery. Even during her time it seems she was debatable content alongside her work. In this way she is open to the reader’s imagination to be practically any sort of person they may wish her to be. Perhaps this is why everyone has their own personal Jane and why so much of her work is read as autobiographical.

I did not realize how much Jane Austen had written outside of her major works. I also didn’t realize how large her family was and connected they were to world events. It makes it almost comical that she chose not to write on the drama within her own family and questionable why she chose to focus her writing in the smaller world of southern England. Perhaps it is due to my perception of my Jane that she seems to be more daring, and yet in reality she seems to have been set in her writing genre and style. Perhaps there is more to this decision than we currently know. It sounds like her entire series of work is focused on hammering a very particularly point into the general consciousness. It would have to be an issue she felt needed very specified and unwavering attention. This point currently escapes me, but hopefully I will able to determine what it may be throughout this course.


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